With our line of Equip books, we are developing a collection of substantive resources for Christians who desire to dig deeper into important biblical, theological, and cultural issues. Although longer than the books in our Big Truth | little books® series, every resource in the Equip line is accessible and tailored specifically for the everyday Christian.


Biblically Driven ChurchThe Biblically-Driven Church: How Jesus Builds His Body | Cliff McManis – What is the purpose of the church? What qualifies someone to be a leader in the church? What is true church growth? In this work, Cliff McManis brings together over 20 years of pastoral experience, biblical study, and thorough research in order to answer the most basic questions concerning the nature of the Church and her mission.
God's Glorious StoryGod’s Glorious Story: The Truth of What it’s All About | Colin Eakin – God has written a story. Ponder that thought for a moment. That is a startling statement. The God of the universe, the only one true God, has written a story, a comprehensive narrative of what has been, what is, and what will be. And not only has God written a story, but he wrote it to be read and understood by the highest form of his creation, his magnum opus–humans.
 Manhood FRONT coverStrong and Courageous: The Character and Calling of Mature Manhood | Derek Brown – Manhood has fallen on hard times. More than ever it appears that men are ignorant of what true masculinity entails. Perhaps most discouraging is that this ignorance characterizes many men in the Church of Christ. Writing from several years of experience in discipleship and pastoral ministry, Derek Brown seeks to help Christian men understand their calling, find hope in the gospel, and grow in godly masculinity.
GCH CoverThe Gospel, the Church, and Homosexuality | Edited by Michael Sanelli and Derek Brown – Homosexuality is now a watershed issue for the church. Christians, however, have not consistently responded to this issue with a balance of truth and love. Sadly, our failure to engage others with a Spirit-wrought blend of compassion and truth telling has allowed some to continue in sin while distancing others further from the church and the hope of the gospel. The contributors to this book seek to help Christians think carefully about the matter of homosexuality so that they can minister to their friends, family members, and neighbors who are presently wrestling with same-sex attraction.